Breaking Point

I have been reading a book called breaking point that was written by Alex Flinn. This book is mostly about boys. When I say boys I mean boys these boys are bad. They stole bagels and they also talked the police out of giving them a ticket because one boy Charlie’s dad was once a police officer and taught him some of the laws. They went to the park and ate the bagels when the officer came. There is a boy in this book named David Blanco. He always got picked on and one day he just got tired of it. He went to the top of the tower in his community and someone followed him up there. At that time a boy named Paul was looking for him to talk to him about a letter that he thought he wrote. He didn’t find him. He heard someone screaming leave me alone in┬áthe tower. When he got there it was David Blanco. When the two people who were in there saw Paul they left to go get help. By the time help arrived David Blanco was about to get down from where he was he started wobbling. Paul reached out to help him and he mushed Paul’s face back and he flew off the tower. No one reached out to help him with the fall they just let him die. After the incident everybody acted as if nothing happened. Paul was kind of sad but he didn’t say anything to anybody. That is what happened so far in this book.